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        Honesty,Diligence and Innovation
        Team work with complete sincerity
        Honesty with complete credibility
        Diligence with arduous efforts
        Reform and innovation to the newest

        Complete sincerity-teamwork
                Work hard in glove,achieve the goal together
                An organization must possess an organization structure which hand-in-glove and supplement each other.
                A department must possess a talent structure which hand-in-glove and complement each other’s advantages.
                A team must possess many hearts with willing to help each other and make success together.

        Complete credibility -Basing on integrity
               Make integrity as a morality and credibility to be a justice
            Integrity is the footstone of an enterprise’s existence and development.
           Our company always take integrity as its doctrine to make values for the customers and its staffs and for itself in the long run.
              The Haixiang people should take integrity as their morality to make values for the company,make honors for the team and make progress for personal growth.

        Diligence-Arduous efforts
              Torrent brave and striving are happiness.
              Diligence means hardship and undertakes more responsibility;However,diligence also means enjoy the joyful of success after go through so much suffering.
              The main quintessence is working hard with persistence to achieve the goal.

        Newest- Reform and innovation
               Reform thinking, innovative development
               Use the mentality of reform and innovation to reform the institution and mechanism of the enterprise constantly.By innovating business mode to realize the leap-       forward development of the company.

        Our Vision:
               Group management,sustainable operation.
        Our Mission:
               Achieve the company,benefit the family and society.
        Our outlook on cuatomers:
               Continue to try our best to contribute our meager strength for the long-term stable development of our customers.
        Our outlook on products:
               Confident in our products and provide superior products to the customers.
        Our outlook on talents:
                Fidelity,specialty and forward-looking.